Art Speaking through Geometry

He took the first step in the field of art at the age of three when his parents allowed him to paint on the walls of his own room. Following this path, as a teenager he became a member of the graffiti scene in Tuscany. A few years later he began his studies at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, which he continued in Florence. The activities undertaken within different artistic conventions have helped to develop a unique style of Teo Pirisi, broadly known as Moneyless.

Czytaj po polsku

The nickname of this prominent Italian street artist reflects well his main values and assumptions. In his art, Moneyless strives for maximum simplicity through a pure, minimalist form and a low-cost creation process. Both in paintings and installations he explores the relationship between the simplicity of the geometric code and complexity of the meaning. His multidimensional, dynamic projects – created in urban centers as well as on the abandoned outskirts of the towns – are always engaged in a dialogue with architecture and the local environment.


Moneyless, Vision Art Festival 2016, Photo: Ian Cox

muraliza cascais 2016 2

Moneyless, Muraliza Cascais  2016


ragusa ragusatriscele project 2016 12

Moneyless, Ragusa, Ragusatriscele project 2016

ragusa triscele project 2016 03.jpgMoneyless, Ragusa Triscele  2016

ragusa triscele project 2016 07.jpgMoneyless, Ragusa Triscele  2016


ragusa triscele project 2016 10.jpgMoneyless, Ragusa Triscele  2016

triscele project catania etna voolcano 2016 01.JPGMoneyless, Triscele, Etna, Catania  2016

roma 2016.jpgMoneyless, Rome 2016


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