Ivan Ninety – Off Gallery 2.0

He comes from a small Russian town of Protvino located in the Moscow Oblast. He took his first steps in street art at the age of 16, starting out – as many other urban artists – from tagging. Later came interest in other techniques and forms, such as large format painting, collage, sculpture and photography. Ivan Ninety (Karpov) is one of four artists contributing to the project Off Gallery 2.0 organized in Lodz, Poland by the Urban Forms Foundation.

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Ivan Ninety „Memo”

In his works he combines geometrical abstraction with figurative realism. Most often, he uses the collage technique that, he says, „is a very powerful instrument, because the result of every work is quite different.” In unique installations he also gives a new life to old objects – abandoned toys, instruments, tools, and other items, which  texture reflects the passage of time.

Ivan Ninety01

Ivan Ninety02

Ivan Ninety03

Ivan Ninety05

Ivan Ninety06

Ivan Ninety04

Ivan Ninety08

Ivan Ninety09

Ivan Ninety10


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