Tellas: Nature in Abstract Forms

Fabio Schirru AKA Tellas is an Italian artist based in Rome. He was born in Cagliari, the capitol of Sardinia. Although he left the island to study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, the rare beauty of Sardinian landscapes permanently influenced his imagination and affected his art. The distinctive motif of his works is nature reduced to a subtle, abstract form.

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In his pieces Tellas explores the complex relationships between organic elements such as leaves, branches or water and urban environment. Unlike many other street artists, he avoids strong social and political involvement but rather concentrates on the visual value of art, which shall bring rich aesthetic experiences to its audience.

Tellas uses a wide variety of techniques. He creates large-format paintings in public spaces, installations, canvas or paper works, and audio-video productions. Sophisticated composition of his works is emphasized by a limited palette that often consists of different tones of a single color. The repetition of details hidden in the tangle of lines produces the feeling of depth and balance. He creates his murals both on huge urban walls and abandoned rural buildings. In 2014 he was appreciated as one of the most influential street artists from around the world by the Huffington Post US.


Tellas Deep, deep, Agliana 2017, fot. F. Bruno
Tellas, „Deep, deep”, Agliana, Italy, ph: F. Bruno.
Tellas_Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, Curated by Viavai Project - Periferica
Tellas, Mazara del Vallo, Sicily, curated by Viavai Project Periferica
Tellas, „Autumn in Helsinki” , Helsinki (Finland), curated by Katutaide.
Tellas_To the desert_Curtin University_Public Festival_Perth_Australia
Tellas, „To the Desert”, Perth (Australia), curated by Form.
Tellas_Campo Visivo_Pinerolo_curated by Street Alps
Tellas, „Campo Visivo”, Pinerolo, curated by Street Alps.
tellas- for cagliari Capitale della cultura 2015 - Cagliari IT
Tellas, „Under the city” , Cagliari (Italy), curated by Maria Paola Zedda.



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